10 Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas

10 Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas

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There are no rules to how you should decorate your home, except to go with styles and designs that you love. You’re the one who needs to live in it, of course, and that’s definitely the case for rooms such as your bedroom. It’s the room you often take solace in, sleeping, hiding, and generally chilling out in there. You spend more time in your bedroom than you’d think, so it makes sense to make it a place that you love the look of. If grey and silver bedroom ideas are right up your street, you’re going to love the 21 bedroom designs we’re about to show you.

We can’t wait to hear which ones are your favourite, so make sure you let us know in the comments at the bottom. If you’ve got a grey and silver bedroom to die for, send in your pictures! We’d love to feature you.

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas

1 – Grey + Silver Theme

Don’t necessarily follow a “theme” when looking at your grey and silver bedroom ideas, instead choose to go with the flow. You might find that pieces that don’t match at all to the rest of your bedroom, will often look pretty awesome. Mix-matched pieces also show a uniqueness and individuality to them. You don’t get that with all-matching pieces. Your bedroom is the one space in your house that you should definitely let your creative side flow free in.

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 1

2 – Big, Bold + Beautiful Bed

If you have a big, bold and beautiful bed, the rest of the room won’t need quite so much attention paid to it. The point is to use the bed as the focal feature of the room. This is a great tip for when you don’t have loads of space to play around with. The space you do have will need to be used for other things, so ornaments and soft furnishings often don’t get quite the look-in. When you use your bed as the soft furnishings in question, you’re not taking up any more space than you need to, but still allowing you some decoration / customisation space.

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 2

3 – Grey + Silver Bedroom Ideas – Lighting

The lighting in your home will have a great impact on the way your room looks once you’ve painted the walls and added the finishing touches, but the good thing about lighting is that you can play around with it, adding it or taking it away as you need to. Blinds, curtains, voiles and nets can be used to dim the bright sunshine in a room for when you want a darker atmosphere. Candles, lamps, and brighter light bulbs can be used to add lighting into a room.

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 3

4 – Wall Coverings + Grey

When it comes to finding the right colour for your walls, rather than picking it first and setting the rest of the room around it, pick it last. Design the room of your dreams with all the features that you love, and then figure out what colour to paint your walls. You may find that an entirely different shade springs to mind, or a completely different colour. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box … or the other way around, like with this wall mural. You could even do the same on one wall with patterned wallpaper.

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 4

5 – Textures, Textures, Textures

You might think that grey and silver bedroom ideas would mean boring, but these neutral shades don’t need to be boring or dull. It’s all about adding layers and / or textures, and that’s what a few minor upgrades could add to the mix. A mirror here, a string of lights there, an ottoman throw at the bottom of the bed for an extra seat and a little more storage …

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 5

6 – Pink + Grey

We loved this look, a little bit of pink thrown in with those grey and silver bedroom ideas. Just the right pink accents have been thrown in, showing you how easy it could be to add another statement colour into the mix. Add an art print to the wall, and then some pink pillowcases, and maybe even a couple of pink features to the bedside cabinet … That’s how easy it could be to liven things up. Are you ready for the challenge?

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 6

7 – New Lease of Life

Rather than throwing away old pieces of furniture, why not look at how they can be used in a slightly different way. An old wooden stool, for example, could easily become a cabinet for the side of the bed, and a cute kitchen tray on the top will stop anything from falling off in the middle of the night. You could even consider making something like this from scratch with old pieces of wood. How handy do you feel today?

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 7

8 – Feature Wall

Rather than looking at a headboard for the feature behind your bed, why not make the entire wall a feature instead? You don’t need to look at a map of the world, although this look is pretty staggering. You could leave the rest of the walls in your bedroom a neutral shade, just wallpapering or painting the one wall behind your bed in that feature shade. If you’re looking for an easy way to use these grey and silver bedroom ideas, using the wall-behind-the-bed trick is a great idea.

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 8

When the rest of the walls are kept neutral, the entire look isn’t quite so in-your-face as an entire room decked out in the same print all over. It’s also easier to revert back to neutral when it comes to moving out, a great tip for when you’re in rented accommodation.

9 – All the Way Up

If you’re longing for higher ceilings but can’t afford (or don’t want) to move, opt for a clever height-trickery hack that’ll make your ceilings appear higher. If you opt for smaller furniture in terms of height, the ceiling will seem further away and thus higher. You might also want to consider a light ombre of dark to light grey on one focal wall in your bedroom too. This will give the illusion of height. One final trick you might want to throw in is using lighting to illuminate the top of the walls and ceiling.

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 9

10 – Space Saver

Work with the space you have rather than trying to make everything you want to buy work in a room that isn’t big enough to home it all. If you have high ceilings, don’t be afraid to build up to give yourself more space. By having everything slightly raised from the floor here, it doesn’t seem quite so cramped and crowded. If everything had been at floor level the room would have seemed much smaller and darker. There are also plenty of storage solutions in a design such as this, and with kids that’s very important.

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas 10

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