Guide : Buying a Bedframe

Guide : Buying a Bedframe

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Let’s assume that you now have a mattress that works for all bed bases. The next step would be buying a bed frame. While seemingly an easy task for some, most people would shrug it off and say it’s nothing but decoration for the bed.

We beg to differ – your bed frame is a decision just as important.


When it’s finally time to replace that old, lumpy mattress, there’s more to consider than just its size, comfort level and price. You’re also going to need a quality bed frame to support the new mattress and protect your investment. The right bed frame and headboard combination can also add a decorative touch to the bedroom that reflects your personality and lifestyle.


How much space have you got?

Have a look at your room. Think of all the items that will go in it.

External or internal wardrobe? Dressing Table? Coat Hanger? Shoe storage? Bag storage? Television and television stand? Dresser? Bedside table? Figure out roughly the size of each of these products. If you were to put all the products you need against the walls, and have half a metre of walk space between your bed and those products, how much space can you afford for the bed?


Style and Material

While style is very personal, here’s a list of questions to guide you when choosing a bed base:

  • What colour is your wall?
  • What is the theme of your bedroom, and of your house?
  • What colour is the rest of your furniture?
  • Will it match the carpet, tiles, or timber flooring?
  • What is the environmental impact of the materials used?
  • Can it be recycled?
  • Are you after wood, metal, plastic, leather or faux leather?
  • Is the bed going to be exposed to a lot of light resulting in some materials to fade in colour over time?
  • How easy will it be to clean?

Does it come in flat-pack?

You need to consider whether you (or the person you hire) will be able to get it up the stairs, and through the door. Best bet is to buy a bed frame that comes in a flat pack for easy delivery and movement until it’s assembled in your bedroom. Check the dimensions of the box to ensure it will fit in your doorway, and the width of your hallways.


There’s nothing wrong with having a budget. Remember that the money you spend on the bed frame is money that isn’t going to other necessities like your groceries. Know your financial limit and stick to it. Statistically, you’ll be spending a third of your life in bed, so it’s good to invest some money in a good bed frame that will last over the years. Roughly, people spend around the $1000 mark.

A bed base is so much more than just a decoration; there are so many factors to consider just buying one. At the end of the day, ask yourself what your priority is with your bed – if it’s for style, comfort, support, or even all of them. That’ll help you narrow down the list.

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Guide on buying a bed frame

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