The New Modern Home Decor Tips to Get You Started

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When it comes to decorating a home, there are many different styles to choose from. Some of these styles include modern, rustic, traditional, artsy, vintage, Victorian etc. One of the most popular styles is modern and the majority of people in their 20s and 30s prefer this type of interior design. However, many people are unsure about how to create a modern home decor look. We will cover a few of the basic components of this style.
One of the core principles of modern decor is simplicity. This type of decor emphasizes on clean lines, geometric shapes and a neutral color palette. Also, in order for there to be simplicity, this means that only a minimal amount of furniture and accessories are used in the space. Now, this doesn’t mean that the living room should just consist of four walls and a couch set. Instead, by keeping it simple, the room should not be cluttered and the items in the room should be carefully chosen. Less clutter also leads to less stress, so this type of design will have a profoundly positive effect on one’s health. This is where our Wingback Sevina Winged Bed Frame comes in 
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Modern design focuses on functionality. Each piece in the room should have a specific function and perform that function exceptionally well. For example, a modern kitchen should have lots of open space and spacious counter tops so that the process of cooking is easy and comfortable.
The proper use and implementation of technology is essential in a modern home. This doesn’t mean having the latest devices or gadgets but making sure that the ones that are present, blend in well with the decor. So, this means that all electronic devices should be streamlined and not just be bulky objects throughout the room. For example, the flat screen TV should be complemented by a built in DVD player, wireless surround sound system and even a retractable overhead projector.
Modern decor uses lots of open spaces. Most homes are now built with an open floor plan so that the home is not just a big box with lots of smaller boxes. An open floor plan is meant to make the rooms flow into each other so that it feels more spacious and roomy. In the event that a home doesn’t have an open floor plan, the effect can still be created through using curtains that are light in color and airy.
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It is easy to think that modern decor doesn’t have any personality, but this isn’t true. Character and personality should be added to the space through the use of color or one or two unique pieces that stand out.
When it comes to creating a modern home decor look, these components need to be incorporated into the design. A modern design will not only make any home more comfortable to live in but is sure to be light on the pocket since the emphasis is not on having more stuff, but higher quality pieces.