What is the difference between Box Spring and Foundation ?

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What’s the Difference Between a Box Spring and Foundation?

Logistically speaking, a box spring and a foundation were created to support fundamentally different types of mattresses.

Boiling it down, a box spring is pretty much what it sounds like. Simply put, it’s a wooden-framed box that has supporting coils or “springs” inside that helps distribute the weight of a innerspring mattress. A box spring also serves to get the innerspring mattress off the ground and was sort of like a hand-in-hand deal. You’d need to buy an innerspring mattress as well as a box spring, which could end up being pretty pricey.

On the other hand, a foundation is basically anything used to support, raise and house a mattress, and consists of a wooden frame and is more firm than a box spring. A foundation can also be constructed with wood slats that reinforce the entire surface of the mattress.

Can I Use a Box Spring With My Foam Mattress?

Box springs are designed to support innerspring mattresses and can change the way a foam mattress feels to some sleepers. The Leesa mattress is designed to offer maximum comfort when placed on a hard, stable surface. Because traditional box springs contain coils inside, it doesn’t give the support needed to get the full benefit of the multilayer design of a foam or hybrid mattress. Using a foundation with solid reinforcement across the entire foam mattress surface is a better choice for the mattress longevity.

Which Bed Frame is Best for My Memory Foam Mattress?

Essentially any foundation you use to elevate your mattress should offer a flat, hard surface. There are lots of options and combinations you could choose from, depending on the look and feel you prefer.

Solid Platform Bed

The solid platform is basically what it advertises: a solid, or sometimes slatted, surface and takes the place of both a bed frame and foundation. It often has a more low-profile look and can include an area that extends beyond the perimeter of the mattress.

Slatted Frame Bed

A wooden or metal frame that is reinforced with slats that are solid and no more than three inches apart across the entire area to offer full, firm support of your mattress.

Metal Bed Frames

If you prefer a more traditional-looking frame that offers under-bed storage, there are frames that are constructed specifically to perform as a platform surface, yet are adjustable and easy to assemble. A bed frame is a personal preference and is usually sold separately.

What's this “bunkie board” I’ve heard of?

If you’ve been looking Googling around looking for reinforcement for your bed frame or for your new foam mattress, you’ve probably run across a bunkie (or bunky) board. Typically found in bunk beds, thus the “bunkie,” these boards are designed to work with traditional metal bedframes and provide support to mattresses that are used without a foundation. A bunkie board is thick piece of plywood used to increase the firmness of box springs.